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How can you order our food and seedlings?

CSA: Join our CSA to receive a weekly share of produce from our farm.

Farm to Your Table : Forget the Whole Foods produce section. Order your produce direct from your farmer via Farm to Your Table!

Seedling to Your Garden : Order your tomato, pepper, eggplant, tomatillo and herb plant seedlings during winter and early spring!

Lucky Dog Food Hub: Are you a restaurant or produce vendor? We deliver through the Lucky Dog Food Hub direct to your location in New York City.Email us to receive our weekly Restaurant & Chef produce availability list.

You can also buy our crops locally:

Farm stand: Stop by our farm stand 56508 State Highway 10, South Kortright, New York to buy vegetables fresh from the field. We’re open from May to October.

Seedling sale : We want to encourage other people to grow, too. But it can be hard to start out.We provide organic, heirloom and open pollinated seedlings at the farm stand and at our Memorial Day Seedling Sale at 56508 State Highway 10, South Kortright, New York.

Catskills Regional Harvest: You can buy our produce at the Catskills Regional Harvest, a fantastic Farm Market Store in Delhi, NY.