On our land in South Kortright, New York, you will find real food: vegetables straight from the earth, without any genetic or chemical interventions.

Our food includes both garden staples and rare varieties, ranging from beans and broccoli to pumpkins and tomatoes. Many of our plants are heirlooms you won’t find in the grocery store: the Pink Plume celery, the Spotted Trout lettuce, the multicolored Iran Squash, or the Atomic Red carrot. Check out everything we grow!

Diversity is important to a healthy ecosystem. We do not grow proprietary hybrids, patented, or genetically modified seeds. Our seeds come from growers that have signed the Safe Seed Pledge, which means that they will not knowingly buy or sell genetically engineered seeds or plants. Our seeds and plants have the nutrients that our bodies need, and through crop rotation, provide nutrients for each other.

We encourage you to check out our seed providers, who together provide us with open-pollinated, rare, untreated, and organic seeds:

Whenever it is available, we use certified organic seed. In some cases, rare seeds are not available certified organic, and in this case, we buy them from suppliers who also have a growing philosophy that prioritizes environmental health.


More than organic: We abide by the regulations of the USDA Organic program, and are in the process of obtaining organic certification. Our practices extend beyond the organic guidelines and we consider the entire farm a holistic operation integrated with the environment.

Clean food: On RambleBramble Farm, we do not apply any kind of chemicals to our plants, even those allowed under organic certification. Instead, we use ecological strategies of pest control, such as planting yummy plants to distract the deer.

Clean soil: Instead of applying treatments to our land, we rotate our crops, so each group of vegetables leaves nutrients for the next. Our vegetables are grown in compost that comes from growing a cover crop, a nutrient-rich plant cover, not animal-based manure.

Clean water: The water we use comes from the water provided by nature and the river that runs by our farm. This is the some of the cleanest water available—it supplies the drinking water of New York City residents.
Clean energy: Organic produce that you find in grocery stores is often grown in artificial conditions and entails massive energy costs. Our vegetables thrive in the sunlight, in our cold frame, and under windows from our old barn. We do not use heat lamps or grow lamps. After all, who needs to build another power plant to grow organic?
Minimize waste: We don’t throw away produce because it doesn’t look like you expect it to from your experience in the grocery store, which relies on industrial food production. In fact, we don’t throw away any produce. We partner with the food needy and use our own vegetables to compost our fields. In order to minimize waste on the farm, we find ways to re-use and repurpose anything and everything possible.


We are committed to just food—read this in as many ways as you can: pure food, food justice, equitable labor in the production of food, and equitable access to food. This means making sure that clean food is accessible and affordable. We all know that organic produce costs a little bit more than non-organic food. In many places vegetables are not even an option. One of our aims is to close this gap, and make healthy, sustainably-grown food available.

It takes an enormous amount of embodied labor to grow food, especially if you’re not using industrialized practices, enormous amounts of energy, or tons of chemistry, like synthetic herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers. We support both fair labor practices and fair pay. In New York State, farm workers have long been excluded from key labor protections. We support a food system that is good not only just for consumers, but for its workers and the local economy in which it is grown.

Just food also means that we need more information about how our crops are grown. We are transparent about our growing practices and invite you to come see where your food comes from. Education about the food system can help us to build a better one.

We are also committed to the care of our animals. Our flock of RambleChickens are raised organically, open pastured on organic red crimson clover and ryegrass, and they get lots of snacks from the veggie fields. Their feed, which we get from NY's own Lakeview Organic Grain, is 100% organic, no-soy, and non-GMO. And after their laying days are over, they continue to live on our fields and enjoy the farm. We do not raise chickens for meat. This is a no-slaughter farm.